In the Community


San Francisco Health Plan’s goal to increase access to health care for all San Franciscans is carried out in part by a community outreach approach.

The Community Relations Department supports efforts to educate and inform communities about health care options through a variety of ways. If you would like San Francisco Health Plan to present to your staff or clients on health coverage programs available in San Francisco, participate in an event, or provide brochures about health programs to distribute to your clients, we can help.

Our resources include:

ResourceDescription of ResourceHow To Make A Request
Brochure RequestsSFHP brochures are available in Chinese, Spanish, and English. Information includes SFHP services and a general description of Medi-Cal and Healthy Kids HMO. To request brochures, please call 1(415) 615-5102 or email Community Relations.
PresentationsPresentations are available upon request and provide an overview of health coverage programs in San Francisco, with a focus on eligibility and how families can apply for coverage. We offer two types of presentations depending on the audience.

1. Presentations for San Francisco communities:
Content is targeted for uninsured or underinsured families. Also includes content for families currently enrolled in health coverage programs to inform them on how to work with their programs and emphasize keeping coverage.

2. Presentations for organizations and staff:
Content is aimed at informing and educating CBO staff and/or public agencies about health program options in San Francisco, and how to refer uninsured families.
To request a presentation, please call 1(415) 615-4298 or email Community Relations.

Please allow 3-4 weeks advance notice for presentations.
Community EventsSFHP participates in a number of annual community eventsTo request SFHP’s participation in an upcoming event, please call 1(415) 615-4298 or email Community Relations.