Benefits and Services


Medi-Cal provides medical, dental, and vision coverage.  San Francisco Health Plan offers members:

  • Doctor Visits – 600 Primary Care Providers to choose from
  • Vision Care (glasses and eye exams) – 90 vision service providers
  • Hospital and Emergency Room Care – nine of the best San Francisco hospitals
  • Prescription Drugs – 200+ pharmacies throughout San Francisco
  • Regular Check-ups and Immunizations (shots)
  • OB/GYN Services and Pregnancy Care
  • Family Planning
  • Mental Health Services
  • Specialty Care – 2,800+ Specialists in our network

Summary of Benefits

The Summary of Benefits matrix is intended to be used to help you compare coverage benefits and is a summary only.

Evidence of Coverage

The Evidence of Coverage should be consulted for a detailed description of coverage benefits and limitations.

Combined Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form – ERRATA for 2017-2018

Member Reference Guide