Why Choose SFHP? San Francisco’s #1 Choice for Medi-Cal!


  1. Doctors – With over 3,400 providers, chances are the doctors you know and trust are in the San Francisco Health Plan Provider Network. If you have a doctor or know of a doctor you want, they are probably in our plan.
  2. Convenience – Our doctors, clinics, and hospitals are in your neighborhood, close to where you live or work
  3. We Speak Your Language – Our doctors and friendly staff speak your language and offer great customer service

We work hard to make sure you receive quality care that is affordable, sensitive to your language and cultural needs, easy to access, and respectful to you as a person. At San Francisco Health Plan, we are Here For You.

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For more information or to apply for a San Francisco Health Plan health care coverage program, contact our Enrollment Team.  Our friendly staff can help determine which program is right for you, and will help with any forms, documents, or additional instructions needed to enroll in any of our programs.