Health Alerts

Health Alerts

Mental Health ResourcesNew

April 10, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused major changes in our lives. You may feel stressed, nervous, sad, bored, upset, or lonely. You are not alone.
Some tips for handling your stress:

  • Take breaks from watching or reading the news
  • Stay in touch with supportive people in your life by phone, text or online groups
  • Take care of your body by eating healthy foods, exercising and getting sleep
  • Try not to drink more than 2 alcoholic drinks a day
  • Call for help over the phone if your emotions make it hard for you to do the things you normally do

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New Items Covered By SFHPNew

April 8, 2020

SFHP now covers some items needed to protect against coronavirus. SFHP will cover these items while the coronavirus pandemic lasts. The new items that are covered during this time are below.

  • Your doctor will need to send a prescription to a pharmacy for the items to be covered
  • SFHP only covers a limited amount of each item (the limit is below)
  • These are covered at no cost to Medi-Cal members. For Healthy Workers members, these items are covered with a copay of up to $5
New Covered ItemLimit
Rubbing alcohol for disinfecting surfaces (ethyl alcohol 70% solution ) Up to 1,920 milliliters per 30 days
Gloves that can be thrown away (made of latex, nitrile, vinyl, or nyprex) One box of 50 gloves per 30 days
Digital thermometer (one that goes in the mouth) One per 5 years

Pharmacy ClosuresNew

April 7, 2020

Some San Francisco pharmacies are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.


March 20, 2020

Members can now use the phone or make video calls to reach therapy sessions and get help with medications from a psychiatrist when those services are medically necessary. This new option lets members get needed help without having to leave home during the Coronavirus outbreak.

SFHP’s behavioral health services partner, Beacon, is making these services available for Medi-Cal members to use from home when needed for health.

Beacon strongly encourages providers to use this greater telehealth flexibility to increase the use of services provided by phone or video call.

Pharmacy ServicesNew

March 19, 2020

Getting your Prescriptions
Having access to your normal medications is an important part of staying healthy during this Coronavirus outbreak. Call your pharmacy to have medications delivered to your shelter-in-place location and ask for a 90-day supply of any medications for chronic conditions.

To learn more, this frequently asked questions (FAQ) document may be helpful. Call SFHP customer service for any additional questions.

Coronavirus New

March 9, 2020

Where to Find Information
Up to date information about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), such as symptoms and how to protect yourself can be found here:

  • For local information from the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH), please click here
  • For national information and resources from the national Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), please click here

When to Contact Your Doctor
The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are:

  •   fever,
  •   cough, and
  •   shortness of breath

If you have traveled to a country or region with cases of the new virus, and you develop symptoms, call your doctor and tell them about your symptoms and your recent travel.

If you are ill, call your health care provider first, and you may be able to be served by phone without having to go to the doctor’s office.

You can also call a doctor at Teladoc for free any time of the day or night. Learn more at or 1(800)835-2362.

Screening and testing for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are free when medically necessary.

Washing Hands
Washing hands well is one of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19.
To learn more, see the CDC’s Handwashing website or watch this video that shows all the steps to washing hands well.

Flu Season

January 14, 2020

As of December 28th, influenza or ‘flu’ activity in California is HIGH and continues to increase. The 2019-20 flu season is on track to be one of the most severe in recent years.

The flu shot is the best way to help protect against flu and reduce flu illness. Everyone 6 months of age and older should get a flu shot every year. A flu shot protects you and those around you. The shot also reduces missed work and school due to flu. It is not too late to get your flu shot for this season.

If you think you have the flu, contact your doctor right away. Your doctor may prescribe medicine to shorten your illness and prevent complications. It’s better to start this medication early if you have the flu.

If you can’t reach your doctor this flu season, talk to a Teladoc doctor for free any time of day or night. Learn more at or 1(800) 835-2362.

Stop Vaping

October 7, 2019

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a health advisory on September 24, 2019 urging everyone to refrain from vaping, no matter the substance or source, until current investigations are complete. The health advisory follows an executive order signed by Governor Gavin Newsom last week to confront the growing youth epidemic and health risks linked to vaping.