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Winter 2018, In This Issue:

Our SFHP Medi-Cal members can view their health information anytime, from any place they have web access, even through their smart phone with our Medi-Cal member portal.

Medi-Cal members can see their past health visits, their medicines, a map of their provider’s office, and more.

  • You can see your ID Card, ask for a new one, print a temporary card, or save a picture of your card on your phone. Our member portal gives you more choices to get answers to health questions you have, when you need it.
  • Medi-Cal Members with asthma or diabetes can sign up for one of our reward programs. You can learn about our wellness programs. We have wellness and pregnancy care, women’s health, childhood immunizations, quit smoking, and other reward programs. Our programs can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Our portal has a library on many health topics. There are interactive health and fitness, lifestyle, and pregnancy tools, a symptom checker, and a learning center to help you learn about your health.
  • You can email Customer Service through the portal to get answers to your health care questions.
  • The portal connects to our new provider search tool that gives you up-to-date information on our providers for better results.

SFHP HealthLink is available to our Medi-Cal members 12 years of age or older. SFHP Medi-Cal members under the age of 12 will need an Authorized Representative to sign up.

Our portal is safe and secure. Sign up at

Digital Media: How Much is Too Much for Kids?

Screen time is the time your child spends looking at a smart phone, TV, or computer. Screen time can have a big impact on your child’s health. It can affect your child’s speech, reading skills, memory, and sleep. Experts suggest:

  • Children under 18 months – Try to skip all digital media. Video chatting is ok.
  • Children age 18 months to 2 years – If you want to bring in digital media, choose high-quality programming. Don’t let your child watch screens alone. Watch it together.
  • Children age 2 to 5 years – Allow only 1 hour of high-quality programming per day. Watch it together.
  • Children age 6 to 18 years – Decide on a set amount of hours per day for all types of media.

For children of all ages: Support screen free family time, especially during meals. Keeping parent-child playtime interactive and screen free can help make stronger family bonds. For better sleep, screen time should end one hour before bedtime. Keeping computers, TVs, and smartphones out of your child’s bedroom can help your child sleep better too. Create a family media plan and share it with your child’s other caregivers. To help your family develop a digital media plan, visit


Counseling Services are Also Available Over the Phone

If you need to talk to someone, you can get an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist from the comfort of your home. To take advantage of this free service, call Beacon Health Options at 1(855) 371-8117. No referral needed. This service is for SFHP Medi-Cal members only.

Call Beacon Health Options 1(855) 371-8117


Yoga Can Help with Depression

Yoga is a popular way to stay active. Did you know it might boost your mental health? Experts have found that doing yoga can help adults with mild to moderate depression. Yoga also can lower anxiety, stress, and tension. While many forms of yoga are safe, some can be more testing than others. Talk to your provider before choosing yoga to help handle your depression and to see what form of yoga is safe for you. SFHP members can find free and low-cost yoga classes on our website, please visit: For help from a trained counselor or psychiatrist with depression:

  • Medi-Cal members – Call Beacon Health Options 1(855) 371-8117.
  • Healthy Kids HMO and Healthy Workers HMO – Call San Francisco Community Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) at 1(888) 246-3333.

Sources: Medscape,
Harvard Health,


Are You Pregnant? Remember to Get Your Flu and Tdap Shot

If you are pregnant, getting the flu can be harmful for you and your baby. With flu season (October through May) in full swing, it is important to get your yearly flu shot if you didn’t get one before your pregnancy. It is also important to get your Tdap shot at 27 to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

This shot protects against pertussis, which is also known as whooping cough. Pertussis spreads easily and is dangerous for a newborn.

Questions about what shots you need during your pregnancy? Talk to your PCP or OBGYN to make sure your vaccinations are up to date.

Source: March of Dimes,

Name Change for Healthy Kids and Healthy Workers

Effective January 1, 2018, Healthy Workers and Healthy Kids will have new names. Healthy Workers will change to Healthy Workers HMO and Healthy Kids will change to Healthy Kids HMO. Members’ Primary Care Providers are not changing and members will receive the same service and benefits as before.

When You Can’t See Your PCP, Talk With a Doctor From Anywhere

Teladoc® is a free service where you can get care from a doctor for non-emergency problems when you can’t reach your PCP. Always call 911 if you think you are having an emergency. Now, you can get care from a Teladoc doctor any time, any place using your phone, smartphone app, or your computer. Everyday problems that Teladoc treats are colds, sore throats, bladder infections, rashes, and allergies. If you can’t reach your PCP this cold and flu season, keep in mind getting care from Teladoc. Teladoc will share a record of your care with your PCP. Learn more at or call 1(800) 835-2362.

Make an Appointment

Our Service Center can help you fill out and submit your Medi‑Cal application. Call Customer Service at 1(415) 777‑9992 to get started. The Human Services Agency determines who qualifies for the Medi‑Cal Program.

Changes have been made to the San Francisco Health Plan Medi‑Cal, Healthy Workers HMO and Healthy Kids HMO pharmacy formularies.

To view our most recent updates, please go to If you can not access the internet or have any questions about which medicines are covered, please call Customer Service at
1(800) 288‑5555 or 1(415) 547‑7800.

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