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Flu Season is Here

Everyone 6 months of age and older should get a flu vaccine every Fall, even if they got one last year. The flu can be life-threatening – more than 80,000 people died from the flu last winter. This is far higher than previous years. So be sure to protect yourself and others by getting either a flu vaccine (shot or a nasal spray). It’s also important to wash your hands often and avoid close contact with people who are sick, when possible.

A few things to know:

  • Medi-Cal members 19 years of age and older can get the flu vaccine at their provider’s office or at a pharmacy near you.* (
  • Children 18 years of age or younger can get the flu vaccine at their provider’s office.
  • If you’re pregnant, it’s important to get your annual flu vaccine. Pregnant women also need a Tdap vaccine between week 27 and 36 of your pregnancy. Tdap prevents whooping cough for you and your baby.
  • It’s never too late to get the flu vaccine, as long as the flu is still going around.

*Members who get care from Kaiser should get their vaccines at Kaiser.


Teladoc® is a free service where you can get care from a doctor for non-emergency problems. Always call 911 if you think you are having an emergency. Now, you can get care from a Teladoc doctor any time, any place using your phone, smartphone app, or your computer. Everyday problems that Teladoc treats are colds, sore throats, bladder infections, rashes, and allergies. If you can’t reach your PCP this cold and flu season, get care from Teladoc. You will need to register before you can use Teladoc ser

vices. Register today at or call 1(800) 835-2362 to get care right away. Once you are registered, a doctor will be available by phone or video in less than 30 minutes. Teladoc will share a record of your care with your PCP. Teladoc will not replace your PCP, but it will make it easier to receive quality care from wherever, whenever you need it. Teladoc is available for SFHP’s Medi-Cal, Healthy Workers HMO, and Healthy Kids HMO. Teladoc is not available for Kaiser or Medi-Medi Part B and Medi-Medi Part AB members.


New Program for SFHP and Healthy Kids HMO Members

Do you have a family member or child between the ages of 0-17 and having a hard time with their health care? This new program might be for you!

SFHP Medi-Cal and Healthy Kids HMO members are eligible for the new Child, Adolescent and Transitional Aged Youth (CATY) Care Management Program. SFHP’s Care Management team will work with the member and their caregivers, health care providers, and other people on the care team to help with meeting health care needs. If your child also gets services through California Children’s Services (CCS), the SFHP Care Management team will work with your CCS providers to better meet your child’s health care needs.
The CATY Program can help connect you to a range of health services, like specialty or primary care, counseling, dental, and vision care. They can also help you get to medical appointments, childcare, food, and clothing.
The CATY Program can also teach you ways to take care of health conditions, stay healthy, and make the health care system work better for your child.
If you feel that your child or a child in your family would be helped by this program, please call the Care Management intake line at 1(415) 615-4515 to speak with a member of our team.

Is a Resident a Doctor?

Have you ever heard someone call your doctor a “resident?” Not sure what that means?

A resident is a doctor who:

It is important to know that you are in good hands with a resident. But if you are concerned about the way a resident is handling your care, you always have the right to speak to the supervising physician.

Make an Appointment

Our Service Center can help you fill out and submit your Medi‑Cal application. Call Customer Service at 1(415) 777‑9992 to get started. The Human Services Agency determines who qualifies for the Medi‑Cal Program.

Changes have been made to the San Francisco Health Plan Medi‑Cal, Healthy Workers HMO and Healthy Kids HMO pharmacy formularies.

To view our most recent updates, please go to If you cannot access the internet or have any questions about which medicines are covered, please call Customer Service at 1(415) 547‑7800 or 1(800) 288‑5555 (toll-free).

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