Our Network

Becoming a San Francisco Health Plan Provider

Most of our Providers are part of our medical group network. If you are interested in becoming a San Francisco Health Plan Provider, either independently or as part of a medical group, or if you’d like more information on the role of our Providers in the care of San Francisco Health Plan members, email Provider Relations or call 1(415) 547-7818 ext 7084.

San Francisco Health Plan Providers are the overall coordinators of care for our members.

Responsibilities of our Providers include:

  • Assuring reasonable access and availability to primary care services
  • Providing all preventive care and CHDP/EPSDT required services
  • Providing access to urgent care
  • Providing 24-hour coverage for advice and referral to care
  • Making appropriate referrals for specialty care
  • Providing coordination and continuity of care after emergency care, outpatient, inpatient and tertiary care referrals
  • Communicating authorization decisions to the member
  • Assisting the member in making appointments or other arrangements for specialty care or procedures
  • Tracking and following up on referrals

Our primary care providers must have hospital admitting privileges with a network hospital. If a member is hospitalized with an emergency at a non-network hospital, the PCP arranges transfer to a network hospital once the member is medically stable.

If you are a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or any other behavioral health provider interested in serving San Francisco Health Plan patients, please contact San Francisco Behavioral Health Services Provider Relations at 1(415) 255-3706.