Access Services in Your Care Network

Know Your SFHP Care Network. How your doctors, nurses, medical assistants, counselors, and health educators work together for you.

Your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Your first point of contact for non-emergency, routine and urgent care needs. Call your PCP’s office anytime, day or night, to get medical advice. You should get a PCP urgent care appointment within 48 hours of your request. Your PCP’s phone number is listed on your Member ID Card.


When you need medicine or adult immunizations, your PCP will prescribe it. Your PCP will send your prescription to the network pharmacy of your choice. Show your Member ID card to the pharmacy staff to pick up your medicines.


Your PCP will refer you to a specialist if you need expert advice or treatment for a specific problem or to get a second opinion about your health.

Your Hospital/Emergency Room

When you choose a PCP, you are also choosing the hospital and emergency room where you may receive care.

Crisis Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Get a referral to a mental health provider or substance abuse counselor by calling the 24/7 CBHS Access Helpline at 1(415) 255-3737.

Teladoc® 24/7 Phone or Video Doctor Visits

If your PCP is not available at the time you need them and you want to get care for simple medical problems go to, call 1(800) 835-2362, or download the Teladoc smartphone app.


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