About Us

San Francisco’s #1 Choice for Medi-Cal!

Established in 1994 by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, San Francisco Health Plan (SFHP) is an award winning, managed care health plan whose mission is to improve health outcomes of the diverse San Francisco communities through successful partnerships.

We were created by the City and County of San Francisco with one purpose: to provide high quality medical care to the largest number of low-income San Francisco residents possible, while supporting San Francisco’s public and community-minded doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

SFHP is chosen by eight out of every ten San Francisco Medi-Cal managed care enrollees and our more than 145,000 members have access to a full spectrum of medical services including preventive care, specialty care, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and family planning services through the Medi-Cal and Healthy Workers HMO programs. We also provide third-party administrative services to the Healthy San Francisco and City Option programs, which provide health care access to over 13,000 uninsured adults, as well as premium assistance and medical reimbursement accounts for over 345,000 San Francisco employees.

We are a public, not-for-profit, NCQA Accredited Medicaid HMO Health Plan that is committed to universal coverage. Through long-standing partnerships with the San Francisco Health Network, the Department of Public Health, San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium, local community providers, and other community-based organizations, we help ensure low-income San Franciscans have access to high-quality health care.

Our Mission
The mission of San Francisco Health Plan is to improve health outcomes of the diverse San Francisco communities through successful partnerships.

San Francisco Health Plan’s Guiding Principles

  • Educate, inspire and assist our Members to lead healthy lifestyles
  • Maintain strong, collaborative relationships between our members, community-based organizations and health care providers throughout the City
  • Recognize the cultural and linguistic diversity of San Franciscans
  • Lead with innovation, continually creating new ways to make health care more accessible and affordable
  • Create a team-oriented environment based on respect that supports personal and professional integrity and encourage employee growth