Health Education Videos

Watching videos and listening to podcasts are fun and interesting ways of learning more about health topics.

Click on a health topic to learn more.

Additional Resources

Click on the links for access to CDC-TV, CDC Streaming Health, Choose My Plate, Supertracker, and more! Please check back soon for future updates.

CDC 24/7: Saving Lives. Protecting People. Saving Money through Prevention. CDC-TV is a video site that has many consumer-friendly videos that you can watch, download, and share. There are videos for kids and adults, on many health topics. Click here to watch!
CDCStreamingHealth CDC Streaming Health is a YouTube channel that has almost 60 videos on health topics from the flu, to smoking, to physical activity. Click here to watch!
Choose My Plate Choose My Plate also has great videos on choosing what and how much to eat. Learn all about grains, fruits and veggies, and getting your body moving! Click here to watch these videos.
National Institutes of Health National Institutes of Health has a lot of health and wellness videos for older adults. There is up-to-date medical information, tips for healthy living, and more. Click here to start watching!
Healthy Roads Media offers great health education materials in many languages and a variety of formats: audio, video, and print. Click here to get started!

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