Community Supports

Community Supports are optional services that can be a substitute for other services, such as hospital care or visits to the ER. Community Supports can be an important part of care for members who need extra support in the community. Community Supports can help with things like moving between care settings, finding housing, and getting healthy meals. The Community Supports available to you under San Francisco Health Plan is Medical Respite (also called Recuperative Care).

Member Questions:

  • Community Supports (ILOS) is a new set of optional services for members who might need assistance in the community. These services can help with things like moving between care settings, navigating housing, and getting healthy meals.
  • SFHP is currently only providing Medical Respite as a Community Supports service. That means you will receive Medical Respite services, if you need it, from SF Medical Respite provider and SFHP will cover all the costs during your stay in Medical Respite.

Medical Respite is a free and voluntary Medi-Cal service for eligible SFHP Medi-Cal members and it is a care center where you can recover and heal after your time in the hospital, rather than staying longer in the hospital or go back in your current living situation. It has nurses and case managers to help you.

No, the Medi-Cal services you get now will not change or be taken away and you can still see your same doctors.

Your hospital discharge team, shelter health team, and the Medical Respite intake team will review your specific situation and determine if it’s appropriate for you to stay in Medical Respite. SFHP will pay the Medical Respite provider for your stay if you are offered Medical Respite services.

You are eligible if you meet ALL of the following: (1) are an SFHP Medi-Cal member; (2) you are not dually eligible for Medi-Cal and Medicare; (3) you don’t have a safe place to go to after you get discharged from the hospital or shelter health system; (4) if your hospital discharge team or shelter health provider refers you to Medical Respite; (5) Medical Respite provider has agreed to accept you.

No, it is optional. You get to decide and it won’t affect any of your Medi-Cal benefits.

No, only your hospital discharge team can refer you into Medical Respite.

Yes, you can! But right now, SFHP is only offering one Community Supports service, called Medical Respite.