Community Supports

What are Community Supports?

Community Supports (CS) are special care options for SFHP Medi-Cal members. CS can help you stay healthy and prevent future costly visits to the hospital. You may be able to get CS if you are eligible.

Which Community Supports are offered by SFHP?

Right now, SFHP offers these Community Supports:

  • Sobering Centers that are safe places to get sober. You can get help such as a short-term bed, food, shower, and other social services.
  • Medical Respite (also known as Recuperative Care) where you can heal from an injury or illness. You can get help such as a short-term bed, food, and other mental and physical health care.
  • Medically Tailored Meals are meals you can get at no cost. They are made to keep you healthy.
  • Housing Transition Services can help you find safe housing to live in. You can also get help with moving or help to keep your current home.

More Community Supports will be offered in the coming months.

To learn more about Community Supports, talk with your Primary Care Provider (PCP). You can also call Customer Service at 1(415) 547-7800.

Community Supports Eligibility

You can get different Community Supports based on your needs.

Right now, you can get medical respite (recuperative care) if you:

  • Are at risk for going to a hospital.
  • Were just released from a hospital.
  • Live alone with no formal support.
  • Do not have a stable place to live.
  • Do not have a place to live and have at least 1 of the following:
    • Are getting Enhanced Care Management (ECM);
    • Have 1 or more serious chronic conditions;
    • Have a serious mental illness;
    • Have a substance use disorder;
    • Are at risk for overdose or going to a hospital;
    • Are age 16-25 with a history of either foster care, the criminal justice system, serious mental illness, serious emotional experience, trafficking, or domestic violence.

You may be able to go to a Sobering Center if you are:

  • Age 18 and older
  • Not sober but conscious
  • Not violent
  • Able to move from place to place
  • Not in a medical emergency such as life-threatening withdrawal

Who can get Medically Tailored Meals?

You can get Medically Tailored Meals if you:

  • Have either:
    1. Chronic Kidney Disease, stages 3 or 4
    2. Have Congestive Heart Failure
  • And have been in the hospital in the last 6 months
  • Have been released from a hospital or other facility
  • Have many health care need

You can get up to 2 meals per day, for up to 12 weeks. You can keep getting meals after 12 weeks if medically needed.

Who can get Housing Transition Services?

You can get support with housing if you:

  • Have a disability
  • Have 1 or more serious chronic condition or mental illness
  • Have a substance use disorder
  • Are at risk of going to a treatment facility
  • Were just released from jail, a hospital, or other facility
  • Have a yearly income of less than 30% of the local median family income
  • Are age 16-25 with a past of foster care, the criminal justice system, mental illness, serious emotional trauma, trafficking, or domestic violence
  • No support system such as family, friends, or help from a church, and
    1. Moved 2 or more times in the last 60 days
    2. Are living in some other person’s home
    3. Have been told to leave your place in the next 21 days
    4. Live in a hotel or motel that is not paid for by a program
    5. Live in a single-room occupancy (SRO) with 2 more people
    6. Live in a house that has more than 1.5 people per room
    7. Just left a facility such as a hospital, jail, foster care, etc

How do eligible Medi-Cal members get Community Supports services?

You can be referred to Community Supports by:

  • Your Enhanced Care Management (ECM) provider
  • Primary Care Provider (PCP)
  • Social services providers
  • Other providers
  • Yourself or a family member

To see if you can get Community Supports, talk with your intake coordinator and/or Customer Service at 1(415) 547-7800.


You can get Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports at no cost as part of your Medi-Cal benefits.

Can members receive multiple Community Supports?

Yes, you may be able to use one or more Community Supports at the same time. Members who are eligible for Enhanced Care Management can often get 1 or more Community Supports.