Benefits and Covered Services

Behavioral Health Services

Call San Francisco Behavioral Health Services (SFBHS) at 1(415) 255-3737 or 1(888) 246-3333 toll-free or 1(888) 484-7200 TTY to:

  • Get mental health counseling
  • Access a substance abuse counselor
  • Get benefit coverage information
  • Access in-network provider access information
  • Access claims processing information

SB 855 requires programs like Healthy Workers to use certain standards for medical necessity decisions for mental health and substance use disorder care, including those developed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, American Association of Community Psychiatrists, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and World Professional Association for Transgender Health. For more information on how to access training, training materials, or clinical criteria associated with SB 855, please contact