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SFHP was created in 1994 as one of California’s Local Health Plans – an initiative to provide affordable health coverage to low and moderate-income families residing in San Francisco. We have since grown to deliver health insurance services to over 145,000 San Franciscans. An excellent choice of physicians, hospitals and clinics are all right here in San Francisco, close to where our members live and work.

SFHP has worked in partnership with the City and County of San Francisco and a dedicated group of providers to offer universal coverage to all San Franciscans, regardless of immigration status. Since the passage of the Health Care Security Ordinance in 2006 and the launching of the groundbreaking Healthy San Francisco program in 2007, SFHP has provided third party administrator (TPA) services for the Healthy San Francisco and SF City Option programs.

San Francisco is as unique as the people who live here. As the local health plan, we know the city; we know the people who live here; and we are tailored to respond to their needs. As a public agency, we have no shareholders. Our revenues remain in the community and any excess is used to enhance patient services, expand coverage and overall, improve the community’s health.


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