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Program Funding

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

  • DPH gives money to local Department of Human Services
  • Department of Human Services gives money to the state
  • The state then claims a match from federal government of approximately 50%
  • State then sends all of the money back to the Department of Human Services
  • DHS sends it to IHSS
  • IHSS sends it to San Francisco Health Plan
  • San Francisco Health Plan sends most of it to DPH

  • Comprehensive health insurance paid for by federal and state government
  • 50% of cost paid by federal government (CMS)
  • 50% of cost paid by state government
  • Each state submits a plan for providing Medicaid coverage to CMS, so each state is slightly different
  • In California, Medicaid is called Medi-Cal

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