Provider Training

Provider Training Introduction

Provider training is an important part of what makes San Francisco Health Plan (SFHP) and our provider network successful. We are moving to an improved method of providing you and your staff with 24/7 access to training opportunities.

Starting in April 2024, we will begin using the Litmos Learning Management System (LMS).
This guide provides answers to commonly asked questions on how to use Litmos for provider training compliance. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact our support team for assistance.


For more information, call 1(415) 547-7818 ext. 7084 or email

Getting Started

Litmos is a training platform used by San Francisco Health Plan (SFHP). Through Litmos you will be able to complete required training courses and receive training completion certificates. SFHP will receive notice of your completed training courses in Litmos.

Certain training courses in Litmos may be required as part of the provider contract with a Managed Care Plan (MCP). Other training courses may be required from the CalAIM Initiative or various regulations. Once you access the Litmos platform, you will be asked a few questions before you are directed to courses that are appropriate for you or your staff to complete.

New provider training courses are required for every network provider, which includes practitioners (such as MDs, DOs, Doulas, Electrologists, etc.) and facility/organizational providers (such as dialysis centers, transportation providers, Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports (CS) providers, etc.)

Facility Site Review (FSR) training courses are required for every licensed and non-licensed personnel at a site that offers primary care. Child Health & Disability Prevention (CHDP) training courses are required by everyone seeing patients under 21 years of age.

Some training is required for providers only. Other training is for licensed personnel, or every staff member.

It depends on the courses assigned to you. Some training can be completed once, while others are required annually, biannually, every three, or every four years.

You may choose which training opportunity best serves your needs. If you do use Litmos, your training is tracked through the platform and your medical group will be given that information. In addition, you should keep a copy of the completion certificate from Litmos for your records.

If your medical group does not offer the required training, you will be required to use Litmos for it.

Account Setup

The email address you use to create your account will be your login name. You can create an account by clicking on this link:

An email address is required to obtain access to Litmos. You can look into free email options such as Gmail or Outlook and create an account.

No, your login name will be your email.

You can share this link with them:

Be careful with whom you share this link. It is a public link and anyone who receives the link can access the training courses. The link should only be given to those who are required to complete training courses.

Your computer may be set up to block certain images. If this is disrupting your training, please contact your IT department for assistance. Your IT personnel may need to whitelist Litmos, to inform your computer that Litmos is a safe website.

Once you input your email to create a Litmos account, you will receive an email with a link. This is done to confirm the email address exists and that it belongs to you. This is a one-time link, make sure once you click on it you finish your Litmos registration.

Please contact Provider Relations at or 1(415) 547-7818 ext. 7084

Click on “forgot my password” on the log in screen. From there, a link will be sent to your email to reset the password.

Litmos refreshes every 30 minutes, which means it might take some time for the program to assign you courses. Also, keep in mind that depending on your job title and responsibilities you might not get any courses assigned right away. Litmos will notify you when courses are available for you to complete.

Managing Training Courses

Depending on your job title, you will be assigned the required training courses. Some courses can be completed once, others are annually, biannually, three years, or four years.

During the initial stages of our Litmos transition, providers will only need to complete Medi-Cal provider training.

As more training courses are added to the system, you will receive an email notification when required training is added for you to complete.

Yes, SFHP can share the reports showing the course completion with them, or you can share the completion certificates received at the end of the training courses.

Credentialing cycles are every three years, but ongoing training must be done every two years, per DHCS.

Litmos will send reminders to you when you are due to update your Medi-Cal Provider training. This information is packaged in a document called the Key Information for Medi-Cal Practitioners (KIMP).

Litmos will continue sending reminders until training courses are complete. Remember that you’re credentialing with SFHP may be dependent on certain training courses. For example, all network providers must complete the Medi-Cal Provider training.

If you are training through your medical group, they will remind you of any training deadlines and track your training compliance.

Litmos will navigate you to training courses that you are required to take, based on the answers you provide when you enter the platform. They will also determine the required course frequency, which is set by SFHP and different governmental entities.

Litmos tracks your progress. Once you log back in, you will be taken to where you left off. If you have not completed the required training, you will receive email reminders.

The completion of your Medi-Cal Provider training may be required by the MCP contract with providers.

If FSR/CHDP training courses are not completed, you will receive a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) during your initial, periodic, or focus FSR and this will need to be addressed within 30 calendar days from the date of review.

If you complete the required training courses through your medical group, you do not need to repeat those training courses through Litmos.

However, if you provide care at a primary care site and/or provide care to members under 21 years of age, you need to create an account because you may have other training assigned to you, such as FSR and CHDP-required training courses.

You are not required to complete training provided by your medical group and Litmos. You can choose the method that you prefer. However, we do recommend you register in Litmos and set up your account. This makes it easier for practitioners and staff to complete training requirements and to track the courses. In addition, several training courses will be available in Litmos beyond contract requirements, including courses for primary providers and their staff to teach courses on audiometric, vision, anthropometric, and fluoride varnish testing protocols that were previously provided by CHDP.

Litmos will automatically inform SFHP of any course completion. No further action from you is required.


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