Governing Board

Our Governing Board is made up of physicians, members, and representatives from hospitals and clinics, most of whom are appointed by the SF Board of Supervisors. The Governing Board decides on major policies and oversees the administration of San Francisco Health Plan.

The Governing Board of San Francisco Health Plan meets from 12:00pm to 2:00pm on the following dates:

  • January 17, 2024
  • March 27, 2024
  • May 15, 2024
  • June 26, 2024
  • September 11, 2024
  • November 13, 2024

Meetings are held at our administrative offices:

San Francisco Health Plan
50 Beale Street, 12th Floor
P.O. Box 194247
San Francisco, CA 94119

Agenda and printed meeting materials are available for inspection at the same location in addition to the San Francisco Health Plan website.

Governing Board Members:
  • Steven Fugaro, MD, (Chair of SFHP Governing Board)
  • Roland Pickens, Director and CEO, DPH (Vice-Chair of SFHP Governing Board)
  • Eddie Chan, PharmD, President & CEO, NEMS
  • Norlissa Cooper, PhD, MS, RN: ZSFGH and Trauma Center
  • Deneen Hadley, Chief Contracting Officer, UCSF Health & VP, Health Plan Strategy
  • Johanna Liu, MBA, President & CEO, SFCCC
  • Adina Safer, MBA
  • Greg Wagner, Chief Operating Officer, DPH
  • Joseph Woo, MD, All American Medical Group
  • Jian Zhang, DNP, MS, FNP-BC, CEO, Chinese Hospital
Governing Board Meetings

Finance Committee

The San Francisco Health Plan Finance Committee is composed of five members of the San Francisco Health Plan Governing Board. The Finance Committee provides direction to the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer on a broad variety of fiscal and budgetary issues. The Finance Committee monitors the health plan’s financial operations, investment income, reserve levels, annual financial audit and overall financial soundness. It is responsible for review and approval of the health plan’s annual budget for recommendation to the full Governing Board. The Finance Committee typically meets one hour prior to the full Governing Board meeting.

Finance Committee Members:
  • Eddie Chan, PharmD, President & CEO of North East Medical Services
  • Greg Wagner, CFO, San Francisco Department of Public Health
  • Steven Fugaro, MD, Medical Society Chair
  • Emily Webb, MPH – Director of Community Health Programs, California Pacific Medical Center
Finance Committee Meetings
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Any documents distributed to the majority of the Board Members regarding any agenda item for an open session after the agenda has been posted will be available for public inspection during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

We encourage you to use the SFHP website to access Governing Board and Finance Committee meeting materials. Members of the public may request to be mailed a copy of the agenda and board materials, which is subject to a fee that equals the cost of mailing and preparation. If you wish to have the Governing Board agenda and/or materials mailed to you, please contact Valerie Huggins at 1(415) 615-4235 or by email.

Meetings are accessible to people with disabilities. Individuals who may require any accommodations (alternative formats — i.e., large print, audio, translation of meeting materials, interpretation, etc.) to participate in this meeting and wish to request an alternative format for the agenda, meeting notice, and meeting packet may contact Valerie Huggins at 1(415) 615-4235 or by email.

Notification at least one week before the meeting will enable us to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meetings and to the related materials.

For Public Notices from the City and County of San Francisco, please click here to access the City’s Public Notice Directory.


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