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Blood Pressure
Measurement Toolkit

The mission of the San Francisco Health Plan (SFHP) is to provide exemplary service and support to our members, participants, purchasers, physicians, and other health care providers, and each other.

We have compiled a practical, evidence-based toolkit to test one carve-out of the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) national initiative, Target: BP™.

Relying on the proven models developed by the AHA and AMA, SFHP is offering a Blood Pressure Measurement Toolkit focused on one of the critical areas, Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement.


Five Step Blood Pressure Measurement Toolkit

This Toolkit has been prepared to guide clinical practices with a simplified concept for improving blood pressure measurement with a 5-step toolkit.

Blood Pressure Measurement Toolkit Poster
This poster will print at 11×17.


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