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Service of Process Guidelines for Subpoenas and Summons/Complaints

COVID-19 Temporary Service through Personal Service at SFHP’s Service Center, U.S. Mail, and Email

To comply with safety measures put in place due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, SFHP has created temporary service procedures through SFHP’s Service Center, U.S. mail, and email. The temporary procedures will carry on until social distancing orders come to an end.

If you are serving a subpoena for production of records, please comply with applicable laws and rules to ensure the subpoena is valid. This includes ensuring that the production date allows SFHP at least the minimum required time to respond after the date of service/receipt.

SFHP’s Service Center – Personal Service

SFHP’s Service Center located at 7 Spring St, San Francisco, CA 94104, will be reopening on March 1, 2022. The Service Center will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8:30am – 5:00pm.

  1. Legal documents may be served at the reception desk.
  2. Follow up inquiries may be emailed to
  3. SFHP will send an email confirming receipt if an email address is provided.

U.S. Mail

SFHP will accept service by U.S. mail. Subpoena packages may be mailed to: San Francisco Health Plan, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Department, P.O. Box 194247 San Francisco, CA 94119. Subpoena packages sent through U.S. Mail may be delayed.

The Subpoena package must include:

  1. The Subpoena and all legal documents.
  2. A valid email address, if applicable.

SFHP will acknowledge receipt of the Subpoena package through one of the two methods:

  1. SFHP will send an acknowledgement email if a valid email is provided. Or,
  2. SFHP may send a letter by U.S. mail acknowledging receipt of the subpoena if there is not a valid email address.


SFHP will accept service by email. Legal documents can be scanned and emailed to:
The email must include:

  1. Scanned copies of both sides of each page of the documents served. Each scanned page and signature must be legible.
  2. If payment is required for records, include a copy of the check.
  3. a. Mail the original check to SFHP at: San Francisco Health Plan, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Department, P.O. Box 194247, San Francisco, CA 94119.

  4. SFHP will hold the electronically served document(s) for 5 business days pending receipt of the check for payment of records requested. If a check is not received by SFHP within 5 business days, the electronically served document(s) will be returned without records.

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