Practice Improvement Program (PIP)

2021-22 PIP Resources

Based on the amount of feedback we’ve received over the past few years, we have consolidated all resource information on the following sub-pages separated by the PIP domain. This information has been removed from each individual measure specification. Please let the PIP Team know if you feel anything is missing.

COVID-19 continues to have significant impacts in the health care delivery system. To ease reporting burden and allow financial support for the network, SFHP will be implementing the following for FY 2021-22:

  1. Decrease measure set from 28 total measures to 15 total measures.
  2. Allow for the optional allocation of capitation withhold to Health Equity Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs); funds to traditional PIP payments, 50% to Quality Improvement Projects.


PIP 2021-22 Quarterly Templates

Quarter 1
Quarter 2

SI 5: Percent of Members with a Primary Care Visit

Quarter 3
Quarter 4

SI 3: Opioid Safety

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